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Urban Shadow Profile

The personalities of shadows can range from sweet to sinister- depending on the thoughts that spawned them. As they are born from a fragment of thought and given life from a spark of emotion their characters can be quite simple at first. 
As they feed and grow they can begin to develop a more complex ‘personhood’. If their diet consists of more negative thoughts, they could become more devilish in nature. If their diet consists of more wholesome thoughts, this would reflect in a more pleasant nature. Each is a unique mix of interrelated pieces that make them up.

Behavior: Bio

Shadows gravitate to their favored food sources. They like to gather in common places and more populated areas. Places like parks, churches, stores, cafes, etc. They get a lot of food there due to  humans expelling many thoughts and emotions.
Shadows can even attach to certain people for long periods of time. Feeling ‘Cursed’ or ‘Heavy’ might indicate that the shadow has an excessive presence or attention on that one person. Or if someone consistently has good luck and feels like they have a ‘Guardian Angel’ perhaps a more pleasant shadow has become their benefactor.

Behavior: Bio

Shadows desire to grow and understand the world around them, as well as themselves and their own existence within creation. This can lead them to interacting with us and our reality in interesting ways. They might be able to interact with the world directly through limited physical means, or by causing certain things to happen through will & influence. Younger shadows are known to play little games and tricks on humans to illicit reactions.

Behavior: Bio

The Shadows favourite form of communication is through dreams. Often shadows watch our dreams, bearing witness to the subconscious feast that humans release each night. They love to sleep near us when we dream - under our beds, inside the pillows, behind the toys. At times they might enter our dreams and explore it for themselves.

Behavior: Bio

More complex shadows can grow quite large, and with their increased size more intelligent in the way they interact with us. Sometimes making small observations about the world around them, or even attempting to communicate with human beings.

Behavior: Bio
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