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Urban Shadow

Shadows exist in a parallel layer of reality often referred to as Shadow Space. This is a realm composed of the energies generated by the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of living beings. These energies emanate out from our shadow selves and appear as little fragments or symbols - flecks of shadow stuff that float around the atmosphere like particles of dust.

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These fragments are the fundamental building blocks of emotion and thought, each having a unique form with a distinct meaning. Sometimes a fragment of thought carries enough energy to begin drawing other flecks to it forming a small simple being - a shadow larva of sorts. The shadow larva goes around consuming fragments in order to grow. Always in danger of being eaten by larger shadows, they hide in small cracks and dark places, seeking out humans as their source of food. As they continue to feed their sentience grows, eventually maturing into an adolescent state with a seed meaning at their core. Be it an emotion or phrase or a specific thought this core has been created from the diet of fragments they have consumed.

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Shadows can take many forms as their appearance changes. They can grow limbs, or tails, or horns. Sometimes they look similar to animals or something entirely alien. They can mimic shapes they see in the world at will, but eventually settle on a particular base form that they return to. Shadows born from particularly strong emotions can come into being fully formed, separating directly from a human.

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The natural lifespan of a shadow highly depends on their ability to maintain a steady diet. When exposed to a rich intake of new thought forms they can grow seemingly forever. However if they develop a certain taste and do not adapt they can risk starving out of existence. This can also happen when exposed to thoughtforms or environments directly opposed to their makeup. When a shadow dissolves they separate piece by piece and rejoin the ecosystem or energy once again.

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