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The Background

The Urban Shadow Project is a collaborative creation that aims to create and bring to life stories and a world beyond our world. We want to create something of value - for ourselves and others.


Our normal waking world is only one spectrum of reality. Within our world there are many layers that we can  perceive and many we cannot. One of those hidden layers is where SHADOWS exist.

It is the space in-between our physical plane and the domain of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. In order for this space to exist, the presence of US human beings is required. The activity of our lives generates the energy that feeds this world. 

It exists parallel and intertwined with our own. It is the layer just beneath the surface, an oily film of psychic energy that rests just below the surface where we humans live our daily lives.   


According to analytical psychology  (as pioneered by Carl Jung) the shadow-self is the unconscious aspect of one’s personality that contains all the parts that they are unaware of or do not want to admit to. It is only through effort to become self-aware that people are able to recognize they have one. 

SHADOWS are sentient creatures/beings/forms composed of the residual fragments of thought, energy, and emotion that humans leave behind. These fragments are generated by our shadow-selves. Most of it dissolves into nothingness, but some particles hang about in the ether like psychic dust. On rare occasions those pieces collect like cells, slowly forming simple organisms at first then becoming more complex. Or they can separate from people in the moment of deep feeling. When this happens it is often from strong negative emotions, such as grief, pain, despair, depression, etc. 

SHADOWS manifest as small black creatures, often cute to the subjectivity of human eyes.  Because they originate from human emotion, people often feel an instant reaction in the presence of these creatures, ranging from curiosity to confusion to sympathy. 

They are drawn to large sources of energy. The highest concentration of which can be found in our urban environments. Therefore most of the shadows congregate in and around cities. These observed beings living in the cities are referred to as US - Urban Shadows. 

OUR MISSION is to become more self aware and in tune with the multitude of realities within ourselves. Only through this exploration can we see into other worlds and thus create new relationships with them. The shadows that for so long were lost in the background are waiting to be rediscovered.

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