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How do SHADOWS act?

The personalities of shadows can range from sweet to sinister.

They are born from a fragment of thought and spark of emotion so their characters can be quite simple at first - then become more complex as they grow.

If their diet is of more negative thoughts, they could become more devilish in nature.
If their diet consists of more wholesome thoughts, this would reflect in a more pleasant nature.

Each is a unique mix of interrelated pieces that make them up.

But here's the catch!

If a shadow gets stuck on a flavor or refuses to adapt to their environment, it's a recipe for disaster. They risk starving into oblivion or becoming the hangry shadows nobody wants to be around.

Like being stuck in a restaurant with only one item on the menu, and it's not even your favorite dish.

Total shadow drama!

In the shadow realm, it's all about staying fed and avoiding a meltdown.

Shadows are bottomless pits and need their daily dose of nourishment to thrive.  

Shadows have their own favorite hotspot hangouts where they can chow down on a plethora of human thoughts and emotions. They're like foodies scouting out the hippest spots in town:

Parks, churches, stores, cafes, you name it.

These vibrant locations are feeding grounds, like all-you-can-eat buffets for their ravenous appetites.


Shadows can become quite attached to certain individuals, forming long-lasting connections.

It's like they've found their soulmate in the human world.

And what happens when a shadow gets a little too clingy?

Well, it can feel like being cursed with an unexplained heaviness.

Like carrying around a shadow-shaped backpack.

Talk about a literal weight on your shoulders!

On the flip side, some lucky folks seem to have shadows that are total BFFs.

They've got the ultimate wing-shadow, like having a guardian angel who's always got their back.

These shadows bring the good vibes, offering protection and serendipity. 


When it comes to communication, shadows are all about the Dream Life.

They're like nosy neighbors, peeking into the wild theater of our subconscious mind.

They can't resist the temptation of the thought and emotion buffet we serve up every night.

So, where do they go to catch all the dreamy action?

Well, you might find them snoozing under your bed, snuggling up in your pillow, or even hiding behind your beloved stuffed animals for a shadow slumber party!

It gets even weirder.

Sometimes, these adventurous shadows take the leap and dive right into the realm of our dreams. Fearless explorers, traversing the landscapes of our inner thoughts and desires. They become part of the dream team, dancing and twirling through our nocturnal imaginings like they're auditioning for a surreal dance competition.

In this crazy dream world, shadows form a deep connection with our subconscious selves -witnessing the wild tapestry of our inner world. It's a realm where reality meets the fantastical, shadows become the VIP guests of our slumber party.

So next time you close your eyes, remember that shadows are watching and joining the dream parade. They're our dreamy companions, bridging the gap between our waking life and the wild adventures of our sleep-induced mind. It's a symbiotic relationship that defies logic and transcends the boundaries of reality. Dream on, and let the nocturnal dance begin!


As shadows level up in the game of existence, they go big or go home.

They grow in size and get all brainy, like shadows with PhDs in observation.

These smarty-pants shadows have a knack for soaking up the world around them, like they're the secret agents of shadow intelligence. They might drop some subtle truth bombs about human life, using their unique perspective to give us a glimpse into our own existence.

These advanced shadows aren't satisfied with just people-watching.

They want to connect with us humans. They're like the shadow version of a smooth-talking pick-up artist, using mysterious gestures, ethereal whispers, and some seriously subtle manifestations to catch our attention.

The fact that these shadows can think and communicate is mind-boggling.

It's like they've got shadow IQs off the charts. They're curious beings, always craving connections beyond their shadow realm. In their own unique way, they're saying, "Hey, humans, let's dive into the mystery together!" It's a silent but profound interaction that invites us to ponder the depths of their shadowy existence and embrace the mind-bending interplay between our human world and their enigmatic realm.

So, keep an eye out for these big-brained shadows - observing the world and trying to spark a conversation with their mysterious shadow language. Let's embrace the intrigue and dive headfirst into the enigmatic dance between our human realm and their brainy shadow playground. Who knew shadows could be so brainy and cool?

The dance between shadows and human experience is like a wild tango.

They're drawn to the energy-rich environments we create with our thoughts and emotions.

Whether it's casting an aura of unease or sprinkling good luck like confetti, shadows play a mysterious role in shaping our lives.

They're the secret sauce that adds that extra flavor to the human narrative, forever entwined in the crazy ebb and flow of our existence. 

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