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Where did SHADOWS come from?

cave history

Shadows have been with us since the beginning.
In ancient days when primitive humans had only just mastered fire, they were among us in the dark.
They gathered around our tribes to feast on our fears of the unknown, observe our constant fight for survival, and at times join us to inject excitement into our lives. 


As humans evolved they have evolved with us.
We used to live in harmony with our little companions. Even if we did not know exactly what they were or where they came from, we had a respect for their existence.
They kept showing up in our stories, cultures, and lives - always in the background. 


These supernatural superstars weaved themselves playfully into our existence,

embodying the mysterious, dark, and unknown.

From playing Devils to Spirits to Monsters, they had a strong grip on our imaginations.

Talk about multi-talented!

history 2

But oh, how times have changed.

Our relationship with these shady celebrities faded as humanity focused elsewhere.
We have shifted from understanding and harmony to mistrust and ignorance. 

In the modern era, we are separated from our deeper selves and often play hide-and-seek with our shadows - like we're scared of the dark.

We often pass through a "Dark Night of the Soul" because we have lost touch with that world.


But fear not, Brave Souls!

Practices like "Shadow Work" can help repair that relationship. 
Like grabbing a flashlight and venturing deep into t
he uncharted territory of our psyche.

We're talking hidden layers, repressed thoughts, and all those awkward moments we'd rather forget.
By shining a light on these shadows, we bring them out of hiding and into the conscious spotlight, ready for integration and growth.


Our Quest is to become more self aware and in tune with these other realities in ourselves.

By embarking on this adventure we can see into other dimensions and create new relationships.

Those long neglected sneaky shadows eagerly await their reunion with our curious minds.

It's time to shine a light and bring those shadows back into the spotlight!

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