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EMOTION:       Anxiety, Fear, Fright

PHYSICAL TRAITS: With its round belly and tiny legs, Shy boasts an irresistibly cute appearance that's hard to resist. Its most endearing feature, though, is its curling ears, adding an extra touch of cuteness to its timid nature. Despite its initial shyness, Shy is a delightful and enchanting little shadow with an insatiable curiosity. Its playful nature, combined with its cute quirks, makes it a heartwarming presence that reminds us of the beauty in observing the world from a safe distance. With its round belly, tiny legs, and adorable curling ears, Shy is bound to bring smiles and joy wherever it goes.

shy asleep

BEHAVIOUR: This mischievous shadow has a tendency to startle easily, quickly seeking solace in the tiniest nooks and crannies or dashing away when faced with unexpected encounters. But when things become overwhelming, Shy's adorably quirky response is to curl up into a little ball of overwhelm or unleash an erratic burst of energy that's as surprising as a firework show.

HABITAT: Shy thrives on capturing the motes of surprise, fright, and panic that dance in the air. It can't resist the temptation of knocking things off ledges with a mischievous twinkle in its eyes or lurking around the corners of horror movie theaters, waiting for that spine-tingling moment when unsuspecting humans are caught off guard. And if by chance Shy finds itself in a serene environment, it may become absorbed in the calming atmosphere, dissolving into a peaceful nothingness of relaxation.

shy environment

PERSONALITY: Shy, the adorable little shadow, is like a playful phantom that prefers the coziness of small spaces and the excitement of running away when surprised. It's as if Shy has a secret mission to uncover the wonders of the world, always keeping a safe distance while observing everything with wide-eyed curiosity.

LIKES :   Nooks and/or Crannies   DISLIKES:   Loud Noises

Shy poses
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