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PERSONALITY: SHY, the adorable little shadow, is a playful phantom prefers cozy small spaces and the thrill of disappearing when startled. With wide-eyed wonder, it has a secret mission to explore the world from a safe distance.

LIKES: Nooks and/or Crannies 

DISLIKES: Loud Noises

Shy poses

PHYSICAL TRAITS: With its round belly, tiny legs, and adorable curling ears, Shy exudes irresistible cuteness. Though initially shy, this enchanting little shadow possesses insatiable curiosity and a playful nature. Its endearing quirks remind us of the beauty in observing the world from a safe distance, ensuring smiles and joy wherever it roams.

shy asleep

BEHAVIOUR: This mischievous shadow startles easily, darting into tiny hideaways or dashing away from surprises. When overwhelmed, Shy either curls up into a ball or bursts with erratic energy, like a firework display.

HABITAT: Shy revels in capturing surprise, fright, and panic. It delights in mischief, knocking things off ledges with a mischievous twinkle. It lurks in horror movie theaters, waiting for spine-tingling moments. In serene settings, it dissolves into peaceful nothingness of relaxation.

shy environment
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