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PERSONALITY: FUGO, the feisty little shadow, is like a walking storm cloud, always ready to unleash its anger and frustration on the world. With a constant scowl and a pessimistic outlook, Fugo exudes an aura of negativity that can make even the sun take cover. Yet, underneath that grumpy exterior, there's a flicker of passion and determination that drives Fugo's rebellious spirit.

LIKES :   Grumping Around   DISLIKES:   Small Talk

Fugo poses

PHYSICAL TRAITS: FUGO's furrowed brow and grumpy expression matches its cantankerous personality. Jagged edges and sharp angles reflect its rebellious nature, a warning that crossing FUGO's path might result in an explosive encounter. Despite its perpetual grumpiness, FUGO possesses an unyielding spirit and an unwavering determination to challenge the status quo. Its fiery temper may send others running, but serves as a reminder that sometimes shaking things up is necessary for change. 

Fugo angry sleep

BEHAVIOUR: This rebellious shadow has a knack for finding reasons to be angry, often seen growling or huffing in annoyance. Fugo's fiery temper can flare up at the slightest provocation, resulting in eye-rolling, sarcastic remarks, and occasionally storming off in a dramatic fashion. But amidst all the grumpiness, Fugo possesses a stubborn resilience, refusing to back down in the face of adversity.

HABITAT: Fugo thrives on the chaos and frustration of everyday life. It gravitates towards situations that fuel its anger, whether it's joining a protest march or seeking out the most infuriatingly long lines. Fugo finds solace in the presence of fellow discontented souls, reveling in the collective frustration and channeling it into acts of rebellion. However, if it happens to stumble upon an environment of peace and tranquility, it might just unleash an unexpected burst of joy, like a rare ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds.

Fugo's environment
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