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There is a mirror world to our own. 
It exists between our PHYSICAL realm and the domain of THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS.
In order for this space to exist, the presence of US human beings is essential.
The activity of our lives generates the energy that creates this realm.
This is where SHADOWS live.


human emotion
human emotion

SHADOWS are unique entities, born from the residual fragments of human thought, energy, and emotion. These fragments, produced by our shadow-selves, typically dissolve into nothingness. However, some particles linger in the ether, resembling psychic dust. 


Occasionally, these fragments gather, evolving from simple organisms to more complex forms. In rare instances a SHADOW can detach whole from individuals during moments of intense emotion, particularly from strong negative feelings like grief, pain, despair, and depression.


SHADOWS typically manifest as small black creatures of different shapes and sizes.  Due to their origin in human emotion, people often experience immediate reactions in their presence, ranging from curiosity to confusion to sympathy. SHADOWS exhibit a magnetic attraction to large energy sources. The urban landscape is rich in diverse human experiences. Consequently, most shadows cluster in and around cities.

These urban-dwelling entities are referred to as 'US' - Urban Shadows. 

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