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What are SHADOWS made of?


Imagine our thoughts, feelings, and emotions as energy generated by our shadow selves.


This is energy drifts off to appear as little vibrant fragments and symbols. These invisible breadcrumbs are pieces of our deepest thoughts, our rollercoaster emotions, and the many layers of who we are.
Flecks of shadow stuff that float around like particles of dust.

Bio dust

These fragments are the building blocks of thought and emotion.

Each have a unique form with distinct meaning - little sparks, bursting with energy and potential.

Sometimes, a fragment of thought carries enough energy to begin drawing other flecks together like puzzle pieces - giving birth to a shadow larva.

bio cell

These adorable and curious creatures have an insatiable appetites. 
They roam around to find and devour scattered fragments. 
But watch out! Bigger shadows are
always on the prowl for a tasty treat.
The shadow larvae must find hiding spots in crevices and dark corners, becoming masters of disguise, seeking out humans as their source of food.

As they feast on their fragment buffet, something amazing happens.

These shadow larvae evolve, undergoing a transformation like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. They mature into adolescents with a special core — a secret recipe of emotions, phrases, or even specific thoughts from the diet of fragments they've absorbed.

bio classification

Shadows can take many forms.
They're the ultimate shapeshifters, with a flair for adaptation.
One minute they've got limbs sprouting left and right, the next they're rocking a super stylish tail or even some trendy horns. Talk about a fashion-forward species! 
Sometimes they look similar to animals or something entirely alien. They can mimic shapes they see in the world at will, but eventually settle on a particular base form that they return to.

bio form

When shadows are born from intense emotions, they come into existence like BAM!
Fully formed and ready to rock - breaking free from the very essence of a human.
These emotionally charged shadows have an intensity that's off the charts, encapsulating the essence of the human experience they originated from.

The natural lifespan of a shadow highly depends on their ability to maintain a steady diet.

When exposed to a rich intake they can grow seemingly forever!

However if they develop a particular taste and cannot adapt they can risk starving.
When consuming thoughtforms or environments opposite to their DNA they can risk disappearing!
When a shadow dissolves piece by piece i
t's like a slow-motion magic trick, disassembling and reintegrating into the cosmic energy ecosystem once again. 

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